Posted by: homeyhelper | October 30, 2009

Changes and Rock Paper Scissors

First, as you may or may not know, my schedule has been lightened by one  job. This was a voluntary move, and I can’t wait to spend much more time working on Homeowner Helper! I’ve added a new section, “New & Exciting,” which details all of the projects I’m working on for the site.

Having a chunk taken out of my income will be the ultimate test of my frugality. I look forward to the challenge of maintaining a good quality of life on less money.

I’m still young, but I’ve never outgrown my fondness for stupid games, rock paper scissors being one of them. Sometimes I feel like trying to be aware of my living and spending habits is like the rock, because it’ll always be there. Sometimes the paper will come and cover it up to try to beat it and I’ll forget about it for a second, but long after the paper is gone, the rock will still be there. Sometimes the bills come like scissors at my paper and cut it all up, but in the end the rock just beats them up and wins anyway.

So, when I play rock paper scissors, I’ll always throw a rock. I hope that the next time in your life you are faced down with this game, you’ll  throw a rock too.

Stay tuned until next time, for the all new, super exciting, never-before-seen Adventures of HomeownerHelper!


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