Posted by: homeyhelper | October 28, 2009

Handy Chick 101

So, when I moved into my home, my Aunt gave me the Be Jane’s Guide to Home Empowerment, by Heidi Baker and Eden Jarrin. Yes! Yes! Finally a book for someone who doesn’t know a hammer from a hacksaw!

You see, I’m not really as handy as I like to think I am. Mr. Homeownerhelper has done most of the manual labor since we’ve moved in, and its high time I hit the toolbox as well.

Here’s a basic idea of how things have gone down in the last few months.

Day 1: Toilet breaks

My reaction: Gawk in awe and juggle the flusher.

Him: Go to store, buy and install new crapper.

Months 1 – 5

Him: Buy and learn to operate lawnmover, snowblower, leafblower and more tools than any man should know about.

Me: Put together a crappy desk and declare it a miracle. Gloat over said accomplishment for months, and promptly forget I ever learned what a Cam screw is.

Him: Pull down and replace molding on closet, door, window and walls. Remove shoddy wood burning stove, order, prepare and install new wood burning stove, involving several trips up to the roof. Master the tree trimmer and learn to swing an axe like the most seasoned of mountain men.

Me: Watch from the comfort of the living room sipping on some wine.

Don’t get me wrong, I still do my fair share around the house, like laundry and tidying up inside. But this is the twenty-first century here, and I think I should learn to work a little Handy Chick magic myself. So, here for your reading pleasure, is my roundup of the most important tools for any Handy Chick’s garage. The next time something breaks, I’ll be ready!

10. Philips head screwdriver: I use this kind way more than a flathead, when I (admittedly rarely) use a screwdriver.

9. Flathead screwdriver – still important though.

8. Hammer – the Mac Daddy of all tools, this one is a must for every handy chick’s toolbox, and as I’ve recently learned, is good for more than banging nails. We used the claw side to remove all of our molding in the guest bedroom – it as a snap!

7. Tape measurer – Measure twice, cut once. The Golden Rule of Handiness.

6. Needle nosed pliers – They tell me they’re good for more than just arts n crafts. Will have to try and see.

5. Utility Knife – Cuts, well, just about everything!

4. Small hand saw – For the bigger jobs.

3. Gloves – Handy Chick or not, you still don’t want your hands to look too grimy!

2. A level – Good for making everything look even and straight.

1. A flashlight – Power out? Need to reset the fuse? We learned the importance of these bad boys when we lost power a few weeks ago and were short on light. I guess if I could have a #1.5 in this countdown it would be some good rechargable batteries too, since without it, your flashlight is useless.

So, there you have it: the contents of my (as yet to be obtained) toolbox. I’m feeling handy already! Of course, maybe when I get the tools I’ll actually be handy, but we’ll see about that one!

Did I forget any toolbox essentials?



  1. Hey, great post. We are doing a show on the essential tool kit. Swing over to and subscribe so you don’t miss it. Oh, and we are going to give away a tool box full of all the tools!!!

  2. Profuse cursing. It was my dad’s most common tool in fixing pretty much anything!

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