Posted by: homeyhelper | October 16, 2009

First Snow Edition

Disclaimer: Its my birthday this weekend, so this is more a stream of conciousness post than anything else. I wanted to get something out before the festivities begin…
The first snow came early to the Hudson Valley this year, for which I wasn’t prepared. Luckily it was just a dusting, but as I teetered and slipped up my walkway in suede heels over a slippery layer of slush, I realized how much we need to still do. We neither have a shovel or salt, I need a new pair of boots and new all-season tires on my car. Where was my head as I was mourning the closing of my pool and watching the leaves fall from the trees?
I pride myself on preparedness and efficiency, but sometimes, I get lost in the clouds…er, snowdrifts. So, what then, is my problem as a quasi-responsible adult? Logically, its that I don’t have time. I split my life between the blog, the restaurant, the office, and taking care of the house, which doesn’t leave much room for other things.
I run around groaning, “there’s not enough time, there’s not enough time…” But, wait. Back up. There’s always time. In fact, all we have is time. I’ve spent so much time looking for time that its in fact the very time that is slipping me by. So, new rule: instead of saying I don’t have enough time, I’m going to switch it up. Maybe I just need to find the time. After all, judging by the looks of things, winter in the countryside is not going to wait for me to get my act together. How do you beat procrastination?
On another note, please take a moment, if you can find the time, that is, :), to visit my new favorite website: It has great how-tos for around the house or anywhere.

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